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Summary Of The Odd One Out - 1271 Words

Sarthak Chawla Nathanial Hodes Composition 16th September The Odd One Out On the most famous street in Boston, Newbury, there lays two architectural opposites just across from one another. The Church of the Covenants a great historical church built in a gothic architectural style where you would see historians, tour guides or school field trips and a Victoria Secret store that covers an entire block and is build on the bases of modern architecture where friends and family would go shopping or for a day out. Why would there be such ancient architecture at a modern vibrant shopping district such a Newbury? The Church of the Covenants was built in 1867 and the decision to surround such a historic artifact with a shopping district was done purposefully. The Church when seen seems very out of place in a street such as Newbury, however, the two polar opposite architectural masterpieces reflect the diversity of Newbury Street, and as to why it is referred to the time square of Boston. The different architecture invites different types of people to such a vibrant street making it not only a tourist attraction but also a street where people from all different demographics come. The presence of the Convent Church cannot be ignored by anyone when they walk on Newbury Street. I found it to be very interesting how nothing near the church was taller than it. The architecture of the street made it so that the all the surrounding shops will be lower and if you looked up you would onlyShow MoreRelatedIntroduction To Research1288 Words   |  6 Pagesprofessional healthcare, and have the ability to comprehend English. All ages will be accepted. The researcher will not be able to control who participates, but will ask for both sit-stand and sitting only computer workstation users in the email sent out. IRB Approval With committee chair approval, the researcher will disseminate the proposal to the remainder of the committee for review. After implementing committee member’s proposed changes, the researcher will work with the committee chair to setRead MoreKeystone Outreach Program Plan978 Words   |  4 Pagesproposal deemed O.F.A or One for All aims at establishing a type of job center that will be the localization of where anyone can come in and find the printed applications for jobs both in and around Keystone. Along with the printed job applications, there will also be an internet connection in which people can search for jobs as well as assistance from a worker to aid them in their search. However, this is not where One for All ends. People throughout the community are able to post odd jobs or services upRead MoreMadison Case Study Questions1656 Words   |  7 PagesMadison Interview Summary Madison is a delightful young student who easily engaged in discussing her mathematical thinking. During the 30-minute interview, Madison discussed her understanding of the equal sign, her work with integers, and her ideas regarding even and odd numbers. Problem Category: Equal Sign Exploration To start the discussion, I wrote the following open sentence for Madison: 5 + 6 = ____. Madison quickly responded â€Å"11†. When I asked how she arrived at her answer, she indicatedRead MoreEssay about Group Communication Competencies Survey and Summary759 Words   |  4 PagesGroup Communication Competencies Survey and Summary SOC/110 August 17, 2015 Group Communication Competencies Survey and Summary Part 1 On a 5-point scale, where 5 is â€Å"extremely important† and 1 is â€Å"not at all important,† rate the following types of group competencies in terms of their importance for becoming a highly effective group member. Circle (or highlight) one number for each item. Part 2 When you are finished, write  a 350- to 525-word summary of your results and ways to improve yourRead MoreExecutive Summary : Uber Technologies Inc.1299 Words   |  6 PagesExecutive Summary Uber Technologies Inc., an American multinational cab share service headquartered in San Francisco, California was founded in March 2009. It develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars. Currently, the service is available in 377 cities worldwide. Uber has an unconventional business wherein it does not own any car or has hired drivers on its payrollRead MoreParanoia in Prose An analytical treatment of Edgar Allan Poe’s â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart†1142 Words   |  5 Pagessome of the strongest evidence for his madness is when he admits to loving the old man who â€Å"had never wronged† him, yet he becomes obsessed with eliminating one of the man’s eyes. It seems to me that the old man has a cataract or some other condition of the eye making it a pale blue color. Our narrator is so distressed by the gaze of this one eye tha t his â€Å"blood ran cold† whenever it fell upon him. He goes so far as to compare this damaged eye to â€Å"that of a vulture.† I read into this statementRead MoreWorkforce Education : The Nexus Between Capitalism And Democracy780 Words   |  4 PagesNexus between Capitalism and Democracy. She discusses how democracy and capitalism are at odds on the subject. Her article surmises key players in the debate including Thurow, Prosser and Dewey. While summarizing the varying views, she concludes that democracy and capitalism have managed to survive and even flourish together for many years and that human capital is a key component in both views. Summary Wendy Gilpin believes that capitalism and democracy appear to be the aspiration of â€Å"nearlyRead MoreHarry Potter s The Book The Fourth Installment Of The Potter 762 Words   |  4 Pages In the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series, the characters change quite drastically. In the last book, readers find out that there is a prophecy about Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter. In this book one of the main characters finds out what the prophecy states and it changes his character signifigantly. The characters have all grown up and matured. The main characters of this book who change are: Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Professor Severus Snape, and Draco Malfoy. All of the charactersRead MoreThe Book Of Numbers 22-24 By Calvin Seerveld Essay1289 Words   |  6 Pagesget a very odd story. A story of a man, angels, a talking donkey, curses and more! The author also wants to find out how this can help us understand more of the Bible and Israel. He does this by going through the passage and giving us different ways of approaching the text. The author is critiquing the approaches to help the reader understand the good and the bad of each. The author, Calvin Seerveld gives us a good, in depth study of this passage. In this paper, I will give a summary of what SeerveldRead MoreThe Book The Fourth Installment Of The Harry Potter 762 Words   |  4 PagesIn the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series, the characters change quite drastically. In the last book, readers find out that there is a prophecy about Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter. In this book one of the main characters finds out what the prophecy states and it changes his character signifigantly. The characters have all grown up and matured. The main characters of this book who change are: Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Professor Severus Snape, and Draco Malfoy. All of the characters

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The Importance Of A Good Writing Skills - 806 Words

Many customers associate their experience with the customer service they receive at any place of business. The ability to communicate both orally and in writing are essential job skills needed to perform a job task thoroughly and efficiently, while still maintaining the satisfaction of the clients as well as the organization. Oral communication is very important for an employee to possess because it allows the staff to interact more effectively, helps an individual give instructions and explanations clearly and accurately, and allows the individual to participate and engage in discussion among the staff and within the organization. Without good oral communication skills, the level of customer service may be hindered and the organization may be affected. Also, the ability to communicate in writing is just as important. Good writing skills allows an individual to communicate a message with clarity and ease to the intended audience. In today’s society, the use of emails and pape rwork is substantial and without the ability to write clearly and in a manner to convey the intended message may cause confusion or lack of organization. Therefore, good oral communication skills and writing skills are instrumental in helping advance and individuals career while maintaining the professional image of the organization. In my professional career, I have communicated with a variety of individuals over the phone and in face-to-face interactions. While working at a bankingShow MoreRelatedEssay about Important Language Skills1735 Words   |  7 PagesImportant Language Skill Out of the Four Language Skills Communication plays a vital role in our daily life. To acquire good communication, command on four language skills is important i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. I studied a few articles in which the authors specified the significance of each language skill. They found a strong positive relation between the four skills and stated that none of these is complete without the other. Effective communication is acquired after learningRead MoreCollege Writing Importance1004 Words   |  5 PagesThe importance of college writing can be easily argued to have zero importance to most. It is really the laziness in me that would try to argue writing is to no importance but I find much greater reasons to support the ideas of writing being a very essential skill. Writing is a skill not every occupation will have thrown at them, but anyone wanting to try to get a higher paying job will come across writing. Knowing how to write college level can only benefit one. Arguing that college le vel writingRead MoreThe Importance Of Reading And Writing As A Person848 Words   |  4 Pagesthe different skills a person has. As human beings our curiosity starts evolving more and more, but what are the two most important skills that we all carry and progress? The two most important skills are reading and writing. It is a talent that every single person has and become very important developmental skills that progress as a person gets older. Many people believe that these skills are important because it is a way to express feelings and thoughts. People view reading and writing as a way toRead MoreWriting Technique And Sentence Structure1230 Words   |  5 PagesMWP4 Final Writing is a tool used in many subjects, and it has a great deal of importance in our society. In this article written by Fish, the reader is given his perspective on what a writing course should encompass. Fish begins the article by pointing out the problem with english composition classes today. On the first page he mentions how one day ,while grading papers, he noticed that his graduate students did not write clean proper sentences. Fish took it upon himself to find out why studentsRead MoreAbsolute Importance Of Professional Communication1039 Words   |  5 PagesThe Absolute Importance of Professional Communication Have you ever wondered why your English teachers constantly drilled the seemingly unimportant skills of grammar into your head day after day? The answer is much simpler than you may think: they are trying to prepare you for future success in life. Proper writing is an absolute necessity for securing a job. In today’s world, comprehensive writing and language are skills students need to understand. Jeffery Selingo, author of There is Life AfterRead MoreEffective Reading and Writing Instruction Essay1231 Words   |  5 PagesDespite the importance of writing, many students are performing below grade level and lack the necessary skills needed to be successful (Zumbrunn Krause, 2012; Santangelo Olinghouse, 2009). There are many factors that shape students’ writing development but there are others that contribute to students’ writing problems. According to Graham (2008) and Zumbrunn Krause (2012), students and teachers both struggle to grasp the concept due to th e complex nature of writing and writing instructionRead MoreImportance of Communication1542 Words   |  7 PagesIMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS The importance of communication skills cannot be underestimated. Good communication skills are necessary in all walks of life. The lack of effective communication skills have a negative impact on the personal as well as professional life of a person. ⠝’ Good communication skills are a prerequisite for healthcare providers. – Ineffective communication, rather than incompetence, precludes the doctor from conveying to the patient that the former has the bestRead MoreComparing Y Should U Rite Good?1158 Words   |  5 Pages Y Should U Rite Good? In today’s time, the skill of ‘writing well’ has become a more and more sought after. The reason is that this skill is becoming endangered. But why is writing well important? Ultimately, writing is a form of communication. Being able to communicate well with others often plays an essential part to solving problems that will inevitably occur in both our private and professional lives. Writing is the primary basis upon which one’s work, one’s learning, and one’s intellect willRead MoreIncreasing Trend Of Lack Of Communicating Effectively983 Words   |  4 PagesWriting has continuously been a major focus in academics, yet recent graduates find it challenging to communicate clearly and concisely while using appropriate grammar. There can be numerous of reasons for the increasing trend of lack of communicating effectively. Three of the main reasons I believe students are not performing as expected include: a wrong focus on length versus clear and concise content, exponential growth of technology, and a new era of mastering multitask skills. When enteringRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Technology On Manual Script Writing1431 Words   |  6 Pages However, she can see the negative effects that technology has on manual script writing for elementary school students. Sometimes the writer has had a hard time understanding some of her students handwriting and if she asks them what they wrote they do not understand their own handwriting. The writer thinks it will be beneficial for educators to find out what negative effects technology has on manual script writing. Furthermore, how has technology effected manual script handwriting? The Canadian

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Defining Nick Bottom in a Midsummer Night’s Dream Essay

Defining Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream Perhaps one of William Shakespeares greatest plays of all time, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play intended to be watched, rather than read, with an imaginative mind. It is a play that is in the genre of romantic comedy. The romantic aspects of the play are made possible with the characters of Theseus and Hippolyta, Lysander and Hermia, Helena and Demetrius, and Oberon with Titania. However, the comedy that is involved in this masterpiece is mostly shown through the lines of Nick Bottom. Although many plays are dull and repetitious with romanticism, â€Å"A Midsummer Night’s Dream† is a romantic play brought to life with comedic characters like Nick Bottom. Nick Bottom is a working class†¦show more content†¦What Richard Alleva is saying is that Nick Bottom is one of the greatest characters that provide comic relief in Shakespeare’s play. Shakespeare uses Bottom to provide comedy to the play, in which most of the play is based around him and his antics. Bottom messes up grammar, spelling, and everything that Quince, the author of Pyramus and Thisbe, had wanted for the play for the Duke and Duchess. Examples of his Ass like qualities are seen in the first act. For instance, Bottom says â€Å"You were best to call them generally, man by man, according to the scrip† (1.2.2). What makes him a fool in this statement is that he uses the word generally, instead of the word individually. Also he uses the word scrip, when he really means to use the word script. Another great example of Bottom’s foolishness, acting as Pyramus: Thisbe, the flowers of odious savors sweet (3.1.59). This mistake perfectly reflects Bottom because he should have said the word ‘odors instead of ‘odious in the sentence. Odors means fragrant smells, while odious means repulsive. This humor is obvious to everybody watching that Bottom had made a mistake. So these are just a few examples to explain how Bottom was a fool and provided laughter. In A Midsummer Nights Dream, there is aShow MoreRelated An Analysis of Love in Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream2422 Words   |  10 PagesA Midsummer Nights Dream is one of Shakespeares most widely read comedies about love. This seems somewhat strange, however, in light of the fact that so few of its characters seem to display any kind of full or true love. A close examination of the actions and words of each of the players will reveal that only one of them, by the end of Act V, should be considered a lover. For the purposes of this inquiry, we are defining love as that which steadily desires and works to attain the benefit

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Marketing Fundamentals for Product Awareness - MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Fundamentals for Product Awareness. Answer: Introduction Marketing can be construed in several manners. The relevance of marketing in this case in point is for new product wine preserver. The sphere of marketing in the write-up is the effusively established notion which incorporates marketing objectives, preferred market segment, market strategy and action plan for first six months .The underlying view prevalent is that there subsists a market enlargement prospective which can establish the brand and robust the sales for the organization. Comprehensive marketing commotion to create the new product category in market has been renowned as the most influential means of attaining the marketing objective. Wine has been effective in hitching affirmative dimensions of Australias reflexion and by means of marketing of new product and promotion distinction can add great value to new product in Australian marketplace. Marketing Objective Product Awareness Product awareness is significant for new product or businesses and can have extensive effect over other objectives, as reduced span is entailed in fostering relationships with potential users. This goal usually intent to inform groups or people who have appeal in the service or product and offering information on the advantages of using your artefact over others. The emphasis is on supplying informative artefact information to bountiful individuals as possible (Kvarvyy Mohammad, 2009). The prime focus would be to develop awareness amongst people about the wine preserver. In terms of distinguished product, wine preserver wins the race since its a unique concept for wine lovers. We live in the world of technology and social media, so the use technology and social platforms would be a good means to reach end user (Armstrong, Kotler, 2011). Customer Satisfaction and Retention Customer satisfaction is conventionally understood as a feeling that an individual experiences when a purchase meets or is above the expectation level. Enhancing customer satisfaction is the prime objective of many organisations. Business owners apprehend that customer satisfaction is the driver to prolonged business success. Gratified customers usually offer repeat trade, referrals along with word of mouth publicity. Organizations learn from feedback provided by customers and stimulate it to expand business, artefact and services with the aim of present and perspective customers witnessing and reacting affirmatively (Bennett Rundle-Thiele,2004). Customer retention is the exercise that a seller relinquishes so as to evade customer defections. This is all about captivating the right customer procuring them to buy frequently and in accelerated quantities and to lead to more end users (Anderson Narus, 1998) . This is the dimension of the organization competence to offer sufficient value with its services or products for the user to indulge in for regular purchase (Leverin Liljander, 2006). In the case of wine preserver the artefact is quite distinctive and new to the people and market, which means it need to satisfy customer apprehensions so as to retain them . Customer withhold is also crucial for the purpose of reduced customer acquisition costs, accelerated referrals and enhanced revenues . Several elements like product, price, place, promotion and brand constitutes for customer satisfaction and retention. The diagram below depicts the framework for customer retention: Brand Management Brand management is a broad multi-dimensional and diverse application of the numerous methodology organizations can adapt to magnify consumer engagement, awareness, loyalty and retention. Brand management techniques are relentlessly emerging and the numerous distribution channels amongst companies and their customers is also hastily changing. By developing a long lasting influence and substantial relationship with customers, organizations can reserve user and build brand loyalty. Preferred brand is something every enterprise wishes to be, since the cost of preserving loyal customers is far below the price of acquiring fresh ones. Loyal customers are economical and contended users are likely to dialogue about the organization in an affirmative manner (Moraga,2008). Building brand is far ahead of companies name, logo or slogan rather its a comprehensive experience customers and prospects have with service, product or company. The object of brand management is to perceive the equity of the organization to a new elevation by means of consecutive steps which add significance to the brand and eventually place the brand firmly in the mind of users. Generally there are four prime ingredients in brand management and these moves provide maximum outcome over a span of time to create a brand. They are demonstrated by means of diagram below: Preferred Market Segment-Targeted Customers, Intended Positioning A market evaluation should concentrate on those places that have particular want or need they desire to be fulfilled, so that they are motivated to buy the product. Once perspective market segment have been identified, elements such as growth, market size, accessibility should be ascertained along with market analytical like gender, age, expenditure trend, education level, ethnicity , income, usage rate ,behavioural intentions and cultural factors(Gounaris,2005). The new product wine preserver can be unveiled in markets by hunting for wine consumers across several markets. This permits producers to evade risky homologizing processes and big bucket operational changes along with peril unsold product concern which could precede to intense predetermined weakness or at vilest ,the undesirable role of barely non-users. Wine and dine complement each other, so idea of sample being supplied to established restaurants to organize tastings and creditability of the product would act as a point of reach to consumers. Special promotional events and weekends surprise may be structured to boost the reach amongst crowd. The prime targeted customer would be a regular wine consumer who can be inclined towards wine preservation devices. In this manner, the creation can be distinguished with high margins of malleability to the various trends of need even in the concise span of period. Positioning needs to situate the product in the cognizance of the user and discriminate the company, product and the brand from the rivals. Marketing Strategy Marketing techniques is amongst the prime elements correlated with the expected business outcome in a cut throat market place. It is the crucial component that is needed for product steadiness in an aggressive market status(Alvdary,2007). Marketing strategy is far ahead of mere advertising and promotion activities. After the recognition of target market the step ahead would be to develop techniques for other components of marketing plan such as product and promotion strategy. Product Product is considered as an article that fulfils a desire or a necessity. A successful creation has to satisfy a peculiar want in the market (Ismail,2013). Functionally it must be competent to accomplish its task as promised .The foundation of growth from marketing dimension should be to establish the product in the thought of the target market as a desired artefact. There needs to be understandable communication amidst the potential users and customers in context to its features and benefits. Only, if the product is useful and distinctive, consumer will opt for it even when if it is over-priced. Components of product that can be considered in marketing product comprises of its quality ,design, variants available, different sized units ,brand name ,features ,packaging ,services and customer satisfaction. Wine preserver is an exceptional product with features that retains freshness and preserves wine from getting in contact with oxygen, even after several days of opening. Promotion Strategy Promotion is quite significant element of marketing since it can boost brand sales and recognition. It is imperative to devote in promotional activities as a prerequisite to attaining the market objective .The kind of promotion activities undertaken in a particular market will rely on the characteristics of that marketplace as they correlate to Australian wine. This will ascertain the virtual attention focussed to trade, media, target groups and consumer audiences amongst each one. The blend of promotional strategy will rely on the budget of organization, the message company wants to convey and the target segment Advertising ,sales promotion ,public relations ,sales team, direct marketing all are elements comprehensive promotion strategy .Few illustrations are underpinned: Action Plan The action program for six months post product launch would be to concentrate on product awareness combat with marketing mix techniques to situate the product in the cognizance of buyers. Laterally focal point would be to consider product strategies as a significant constituent to attain the market objectives. Usually after the creation is launched the artefact is assumed to make its own way. Organization is expected a build action plan after the product is unveiled .Nevertheless product management is required to consider product differentiation, product life cycle and techniques to build and enhance product sales. Organization needs to create an approach that aids to accelerate the market share. There are numerous ways to accomplish the objective: Market strategies Sales strategies Price strategies Distribution strategies Promotion strategies Product strategies Developing efficient product strategy is much more than building specialization tactics. Two outstanding product strategies are discussed below: Product development It is assumed to consider the purchaser, his needs, the creation positioning in the marketplace and the distinct features product presents. After the product is inaugurated confirm that it constantly meet the customers expectations and develop the artefact as necessitous .The peril with the fresh product is raised cost and the disappointment to sell the new creation or elevate creation at increased sales figure and at the assumed volume. Product diversification it is all about accompanying the prevailing business and dispersing the risk of single product or single line by diverging with more correlated or even unconnected products that aid to grow the sales and scatter risk. References Alvdary, H. (2007) Marketing and market management. International Journal of Marketing. 1(1). pp.1-10. Anderson, J. C. Narus, J. A. (1998) Business marketing: understanding what customers. International journal of Marketing. 1(1). pp.1-10. Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., (2011). Marketing: An Introduction (10th Edition), Upper Saddle River, NJ, Pearson Prentice Hall. Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC), the Winemakers Federation of Australia (WFA) and the Winemakers of Rutherglen (WOR)(2009) [Retrieved: 21 May 2017] Bennett, R., Rundle-Thiele, S. (2004). Customer satisfaction should not be the only goal. Journal of Service Marketing, 18,7, 514- 523. Gounaris, S. P. (2005) Trust and commitment influences on customer retention: insights from management. International Journal of Service Marketing. 1(1). pp. 1-10. Ismail, M. B. M. Velnampy, T. (2013) Marketing Mix of Product Life Cycle (MMPLC) and Business Performance (BP) for Sarong of Royal Handloom Weaving Factory (RHWF). European Journal of Commerce and Management Research (EJCMR). 2(8). pp. 1-10. Kvarvyy, K. Mohammad, M. (2009). Competitive reaction- and feedback effects based on VARX models of pooled store Ali Pour. Marketing Management. 36(2). pp.230-240. Leverin, A. Liljander, V. (2006). Does relationship marketing improve customer relationship satisfaction and loyalty. Paper presented in International Conference: Proceedings of International Conference, Department of Marketing, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Switzerland. Moraga, T. E., Parraga, V. A. Z., Gonzales, Z. F. (2008). Customer satisfaction and Loyalty. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 25(5), 302- 313.of the Academy of Management. 1(2). pp.1-10. Patterson P. G., Johnson L. W., Spreng R. A. (1997). Modeling the determinants of customer satisfaction for business-to-business professional services. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 25,1, 4-17. Peterson, R. A. (1995). Relationship Marketing and the Consumer. Journal Reynolds Jon (2010) The Australian Wine Industry and the Impact of Knowledge-flow on Performance. [Retrieved:22May,2017] Wines of western Australia (2014) Western Australia Wine Industry Strategic Plan 2014-2024[Retrieved:22May,2017]

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Swot Analysis of Bank of America Essays

Swot Analysis of Bank of America Essays Swot Analysis of Bank of America Paper Swot Analysis of Bank of America Paper Bank of America: SWOT Analysis The Bank of America abides by a corporate philosophy that values diversity and aims to implement it on a large scale within the organization. On its websites, the bank proclaims that â€Å"work environment draws on the strength of every associate to build an atmosphere of personal and professional growth† (Bank of America Corporation 2006). To implement the goals of increasing diversity and including different types of employees in corporate environments, the Bank of America has created a number of organizations and groups. One of them is the Diversity Advisory Council, including employees from different levels who can make a difference at the organizational level. Diversity Business Councils are found in many BoA divisions, exploring issues pertaining to diversity and producing recommendations for the improvement in this area. The bank has also organized the Diversity Network that aims â€Å"to encourage and capitalize on the diversity of our associates and promote personal and professional development† (Bank of America Corporation 2006). Diversity is also promoted by various affinity groups acknowledged and supported by the bank’s management, including various racial groups, people with disabilities, gays and lesbians, bisexuals, and women. The efforts of the Bank of America to implement diversity did not go unnoticed by business publications and analytical agencies. Over the course of years, the bank has accumulated a number of rewards for its commitment to diversity practices. Among those are a Best Company for Working Mothers from Working Mother magazine, a Best Company for Diversity from DiversityInc., one out of top 100 Companies for Hispanics from Hispanic Magazine, Best Company for Latinas from LATINA Style magazine, and others. 2. Corporate Social Responsibility The Bank of America demonstrates a consistent commitment to community development. One of the examples is the Neighbourhood Excellence initiative in which the bank invests in the development of local nonprofits in different locations. The bank reports to â€Å"fund $200,000 in operating support to 2 nonprofits in each of 40 markets† (Bank of America Corporation 2006). In addition, it provides funds to leaders with significant accomplishments and student leaders. The bank partners with a number of charity and non-profit organizations to assist them in noble causes. For example, it claims to be committed to participation in disaster relief efforts nation-wide. Cooperating with HomeAid America, the Bank of America participates in the construction of homes for the poor. The organization is involved in building houses for the temporary homeless in 11 states. On January 14, 2005, the Bank of America provided â€Å"a $100,000 grant and $50,000 sponsorship† for this organization to help it forward its goals (Bank of America Corporation 2006). Another example of how the Bank of America applies the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility is the MBNA Foundation supported by the bank. It strives to support financially â€Å"education, human services, health services, and the arts† (Bank of America Corporation 2006). These community donations are distributed as grants for which any local organization can apply. The financial institution in 2004 announced the goal of $1.5 billion annual donation to corporate philanthropy over 10 years. This signifies a serious commitment to CSR, even against the background of the company’s revenues. 3. Rewards and Team Incentives The Bank of America has an extensive award program designed to inspire people to achieve company goals. Since the bank is committed to the image of a responsible company, it chose to reward employees who lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Each employee who lives at a distance of 90 miles or less from Boston, Charlotte, NC, and Los Angeles, will receive the amount matching a $3,000 federal tax credit for replacing one’s car with a hybrid vehicle. Anne Finucane, the bank’s Global Marketing Corporate Affairs associate, says: â€Å"†Given the size of our commuting associate base, the hybrid program expands our commitment to the environment and helps our associates to participate in making a difference while cutsting down on their commuting costs† (Drosjack 2006). Outlining the basics of its corporate compensation, the bank states that a large part of the compensation comes in incentives and bonuses, although it does not disclose exactly what proportion and the details of the bonus system. The program called Rewarding Success will provide incentives to employees receiving less than $100,000 annually. They will get a cash bonus or defer it to their retirement account if the company â€Å"meets or exceeds annual business targets† (Bank of America Corporation 2006). As to team incentives, the Bank of America does not seem to be really committed to them. The only evidence of teamwork is the existence of the Team Bank of America, but this system includes a number of teams that promote the company’s CSR goals such as environment protection, community development, and volunteer services. This network gives employees opportunities for self-expression, but there is no mention of any financial incentives included in its framework. Bibliography Bank of America Corporation. 2006. 27 Aug. 06 . Drosjack, Melissa. â€Å"Private Sector, States Promote Rewards for Hybrid Drivers.† Fox News 5 July 2006. 27 Aug. 06 .

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LEAP organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

LEAP organization - Essay Example The non-profit organization was separated from its own body by the initiator through the assistance of Becky Moore of the United Way and Pastor Tommy Vallejo. It later on became the leap and got its IRS 501 (c) 3 statuses on 29th April, 2009. In addition, Pastor Harris was also active in opening the Emmanuel Family Life Center for the organization to function (Clarksville Online, 2015). The leap organizations have made strong partnerships with the home, business community, media and organizations helping the youth in the society since it opened its doors. The leap organization expects all middle and high school students to take part in a media contest (, 2014). The students make multimedia products like videos, posters, websites, games, photo essays, public service statements, and documentaries. These products focus on the importance of institution learning and how to get ready for it. The leap organization build up and reinforce communities of dynamic nationality with values of enlightenment, academic achievement, leadership, and perseverance through hope, faith and love by offering tutoring, mentoring, affordable housing, and various assistance programs (, 2014). The organization also give educational field trips, counseling, career development, and community service learning opportunities for students’ aged 11 to 18 years at no cost. These are some of the services and products of a leap organization: The youths that willingly register in the organization’s agenda benefit from inventive and amusing leadership forums. The youths gain knowledge and apply necessary skills of leadership, for instance, conflict resolution, team building, goal setting, public speaking, and etiquette. The leap organization provides a project based, hands on learning understanding for the youth during interactive job inclination training (Leaporg,